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LAKE ALMANOR 2018 FISHING MAP AND FISHING REPORT- and Plumas Hunting Clubs and Ranches


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  Trout fishing at  Lake Almanor in October is picking up, trolling  Needlefish and Rapalas,  at 2 to 3 mph at depths between 10 and 25 feet. You can try trolling  worms  with   dodgers in the areas adjacent to Rec  1 and Rig Cove. Fly fishing coves of  Geritol, Keddie and Roadside most use float tubes in the shallows in the  mornings. Three pound rainbows are fairly abundant.

Bass are off the points and rocky structures. Locals like live bait, crawlers and grasshoppers,  but plastic worm rigs work well too.

  Small Mouth Bass on the Bite Lake Almanor

With an abundance  of Rainbows, German browns and  king salmon (kokenee), Lake Almanor  has lots of options, but  to add to the fun there is  a great Smallmouth bass fishery that’s  about to bite. 
 Lake Almanor  has lots of ledges and drop-offs the bass prefer, but soon  bass should start to move into the  shallows now.  Use black or brown pig-n-  jigs as well as other makes.  
 Use our Fishing map for best spots shoreline fishing, especially on the  north end of Almanor’s west arm, near the  causeway.

 In late spring, our fish report concludes using fishing copper-colored or  dark brown jigs that range from an inch to 4  inches long.  Fish deeper as the sunlight  gets brighter with drop offs at Catfish Beach, the Causeway, and other points  but the lake is so low you will have to find different areas .

See our fishing report to reference the lake’s west side, where the airport runway is down to the  dam, where there is   gravel along the bottom,  a significant spawning area.

Smallmouths will be done  spawning by the middle of May, so move is offshore from Rocky Point to Fox Farm, near the  island.  The west side of the lake was a meadow before dammed and springs still seep like before the  lake was here, attracting fish.

The east arm flows through  a former small canyon.  Live bait fishermen  use the best live bait, Webb advised, is  crickets, followed by crayfish.    

 Salmon fishing Fishing Report and Information

In  Lake Almanor there is a burgeoning number  of king salmon that weigh between  3 and  5 pounds, and there are plenty of them.  Our fishing report concludes there are large schools of Japanese smelt in Almanor,  the main food sources for the kings.  Trolling shad raps and jigging is the best method. 
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